Viability of ‘Emiratization’ stirs debate

The UAE to try to effort a system impose more Emiratis in the labor market and create a more equitable balance in the labor force to foreign companies and government offices to hire more people that are causing tension among many employers.

The cause which dispute is the manner in which the government going to impose a quota system and the difference between what the labor market needs and the type of skills, demands and expectations, and sources of local business and foreign.
According to official figures, there are currently about 32 000 unemployed persons in the country, with an estimated 6000 other university graduates who enter the market each year.
In the business community is that local officials frown on entry-level positions such as a receptionist at the reception desk, or help desk that could require what is seen as menial chores.

The stereotype of the citizens and just be managers and work for high salaries is no longer true. The government is investing a lot of time and money to the candidates trained in the necessary skills and that are placed in the right place. Even if companies take a candidate for a few weeks or few months, employee does not succeed and has to be ready to take the person again and give them someone else and pay for the first person to be trained for something else. Also, there is another point of contention between the government and the public sector is the imposition of the quota system.
The government issued – and implemented – stakes are much higher for the sectors controlled by the government, although not all of the target area because the government does not recognize enough local workers available.
In the private sector, and so far ordered only sectors of insurance and banking services to local nationals increase by 5 percent and 4 percent respectively in each year.

Although the government has not officially slapped the sector with quotas, employers in the field say that there is pressure.

The quota system has been formally in place for a number of years, the government is only now getting serious about imposed on them necessary because it has not seen enough of the good faith of the private sector.
Until now, the National Manpower little affect on any of the expatriates already here or increase the attractiveness of the UAE, but there are fears that if the government entities and the private sector to hire more from the failure of citizens, they may be forced to abandon its current strength to meet the quotas.


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  1. Francois Said:

    Not sure I get the point here. It could be your selective rewriting of the original article that confused me. In the original article I read that Emiratisation is a game. So maybe that is why it is not taken seriously!

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